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Kickstarting Knowledge Management Conversations with the Knovoscope!

Live Demo | Virtual Coffee Discussion| Aftershow Workshop

Join Janine for an informal webinar where she will demo the Knovoscope, an interactive tool to help you navigate your approaches to better knowledge management.

In the session, Janine will show how you can use the Knovoscope to initiate more productive conversations and build insight so you can:

  • Know if knowledge management is applicable to your business challenge

  • Contextualize KM theory to your situation

  • Overcome analysis paralysis when thinking about your strategy

  • Create and articulate your story so your colleagues get it

  • Feel more confident broaching the subject with your boss

  • Start transforming your organization's capability

If you have a specific knowledge management challenge and would like to try out the Knovoscope, you are invited to stay for an informal workshop (approx. 30 minutes) where Janine will guide you on a whistle-stop tour that will give you insight to support your strategy development!

Who is this session for?

  • People tasked with 'doing knowledge management' in their business or team

  • KM professionals interested in different practices

  • People working in small-medium enterprises who are new to knowledge management and think it could potentially help them grow their organization's capability

For more information on the Knovoscope visit www.knovolution.com/knovoscope

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